Best All Terrain Double Strollers

The Best All Terrain Double Strollers You Can Buy

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As active parents, we know the importance of enjoying outdoor activities as a family. The trick is finding the best all terrain double strollers that can keep our kids safe and comfortable. It should also be durable enough to handle all types of  ground – bumpy, sandy, etc.

Now, what if you’re the lucky parent of twins? Or have children close to each other age-wise? You’ll need a double stroller to carry them, and their gear. Yet, double strollers come with a long list of problems.

So, being the great parents we are, we scoured the net in search of the best all-terrain double strollers of 2020. We were able to find many amazing models with terrific features.

Yet, it was three that really impressed us. Keep reading to find out which ones made our list.

The 3 Best All Terrain Double Strollers

Having two young children can lead to sensory overload if you’re not careful. Some people find it easier to avoid going out with children at such a young age.

So how can you accomplish the feat of going out with two small children with as few mishaps as possible? Easy! Get yourself one of these best all-terrain double strollers.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get rolling!

Bumbleride Indie Twin All Terrain Stroller

The Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller is loaded with a heap of amazing features. It’s functional, user-friendly, and comes in two dark shades. The four air-filled wheels are a massive 12 inches all-wheel suspension.

The canopies are huge. They’re rated UPF 45+, and provide ample sun blockage. Plus, they also come with a mesh peekaboo window.

The fabricon the Indie Twin is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class, which is eco-friendly and non-toxic. You’ll also be happy to know that almost 25% of all plastic parts are made from recycled fishing nets.

Another terrific feature is the seats. Each has a weight capacity of 45 pounds, with a 5-point breakaway harness system. They recline independently until it’s almost flat. In this position, you can use it with newborns without the need for a bassinet or car seat.

The handlebar accommodates just about anyone’s height. One neat addition to the handlebar is the parent wrist strap. It ensures you’ll never have a runaway stroller ever again!

This brings us to the foot brakes. They’re easy to access and can be quickly engaged with your foot.

Now let’s talk about storage. The basket underneath the seats has a 5-liter capacity, which is no joke! Not only that, but the seats have pockets. They’re wide enough to hold snacks and toys.

The Indie Twin folds neatly with the help of ergonomic levers. Once folded, it doesn’t take up a lot of space.


  • Comes with a tire pump
  • Made with eco-friendly, durable materials
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Oversized UPF 45 canopy


  • Doesn’t come with a snack tray
  • Seats might be narrow for some
  • Isn’t as affordable as other models on the market

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

Many users describe the Baby Trend Navigator Double stroller as ‘loveable.’ Available in five color choices, its sturdy design allows for a smooth ride. Still, it’s pretty heavy, weighing a hefty 43 pounds.

Being an all-terrain stroller, the four pneumatic wheels can handle pretty much every terrain. The two front wheels swivel 360 degrees and have a lock mechanism. The rear wheels are equipped with reflectors for added visibility.

The seats are another terrific feature. Their maximum weight load is 50 pounds. To ensure your kids are comfortable, the seats are padded and come with headrests. Each seat can recline independently. To ensure your children’s safety, the seats have a padded 5-point safety harness.

As all parents know, storage is a must. And the Baby Trend doesn’t disappoint. You’ll find more storage options than you’ll know what to do with, and that’s exactly how we like it!

The ergonomic handlebar is padded. It can also be adjusted to accommodate parents of different heights.

To get it to a full stop, you have to engage the double-action brakes. They’re easy to access and engage. The downside is that they’re a bit stiff, so pulling them up is difficult.

Folding this all-terrain stroller is quick and easy. There’s a trigger that makes it collapse into itself.

Last, but not least, the Navigator Double comes with a parent tray. They didn’t just stop there, they also added MP3 speakers that plug-in to the tray. Thank you, Baby Trend!


  • Moderately priced
  • Pneumatic air tires with swivel front wheels
  • Reflectors on rear wheels
  • Come with a snack tray and cup holder
  • Impressive storage space


  • Heavy
  • Not as easy to maneuver as other models
  • Stiff brakes are difficult to disengage

Evenflo Pivot Xplore Double Stroller Wagon

The Evenflo Pivot Xplore Double isn’t like other strollers on the market. It’s both a stroller and a wagon. There are some pretty amazing features that are hard to beat, such as being a mere 35 pounds.

First off, the seats face each other, which is innovative in itself. The kids interact face-to-face and enjoy hanging out together. Each seat can hold up to 55 pounds.

The ergonomic handle is padded and easily adjusts to three positions. You can even flip it to either side of the wagon depending on whether you want to push or pull it.

The wheels on this all-terrain stroller are made of Urethane. They’re more than capable of handling all types of terrains effortlessly. The two front wheels are 8 inches. The two back wheels are 10.5 inches, and each has a brake pedal.

On the Xplore Double, each side has a separate UPF 50+ canopy to keep your kids sheltered from the sun and rain. They’re pretty wide and provide ample coverage.

We were especially impressed with the storage area. There’s a basket with easy access that can handle up to 10 pounds. As a bonus, there’s plenty of more storage space inside to make sure you have everything you need on your outing.


  • Lightweight
  • Adaptable wagon-style design
  • Reasonably priced
  • Plenty of storage
  • Urethane all-terrain wheels


  • Difficult to unfold
  • Features 3-point harness as opposed to 5-point system

Why Should I Get an All-Terrain Double Stroller?

Manufacturers mainly build and design all-terrain strollers for off-road use. Yet, that’s not all they can do. They’re basically a perfect combination between a walking and a jogging stroller.

They’re also great at handling uneven terrain, such as rural areas with few flat sidewalks. These surfaces can be rocky, muddy, sandy, or snowy. All-terrains don’t care. They just adapt and plow on.

Typically, all-terrain strollers have four wheels. Although some have a three-wheel configuration. They’re usually larger than traditional strollers. These wheels are air-filled and need to be refilled regularly.

The main purpose of an all-terrain stroller is that it can be used on a wide range of surfaces. You can easily move indoors just as easily as you can on pavement, over grass, and on off-road terrains.

How Can I Tell the Difference Between an All-Terrain and a Jogging Stroller?

Many people mistake all-terrain strollers for jogging strollers. While they’re both designed for outdoor activities, they each have certain characteristics that set them apart. The main difference is how these two types of strollers are designed.

One example is the front wheel. Jogging strollers have one large front wheel. It’s fixed and doesn’t swivel. Its size and stability, and the fact that it’s air-filled, all add to the smoothness of the ride. Plus, they make it easier to push and steer.

The all-terrain stroller can come in 2 front wheels or just one. They’re thick, beefy tires that provide the off-road capabilities that a jogging stroller can’t handle.

Storage is also another difference. all-terrain strollers have more storage areas. On the other hand, jogging strollers have little storage to keep their weight down,

What Should I Look for When Shopping for the Best All Terrain Double Stroller?

The first that grabs a new parent’s eye when shopping for a new stroller is how it looks and how much it costs. While these may be important, there are also other important features you should keep an eye out for.

Below are a few of the things to look for when you’re buying an all-terrain stroller.


The main safety systems in all strollers are the harnesses. The best types of harnesses are 5-point safety systems. They provide maximum protection for the upper body.

Then, there’s the brake mechanism. A well-designed stroller should be equipped with one-touch brakes that you can effortlessly engage with your foot. They’re more convenient and more reliable.

Stability is another important safety feature. This refers to how stable the stroller is once you lock it in place. It also refers to the level of stability of the stroller when you’re using it on rough and bumpy terrains.

Ease of Use

All-terrain strollers are designed to make your outing fun and exciting, not awkward and time-consuming. So, finding a stroller with user-friendly features is crucial.

Comfortable seating is important. Do the seats recline? Are they padded? Can they be removed and washed?

There’s also the ease of buckling and unbuckling the safety harness. If there’s a sunshade or any type of cover, it should smoothly slide into place without a fuss.


A good all-terrain stroller should be able to handle itself through dirt trails, narrow pathways, and curbs. It should also be able to smoothly go uphill and down without any difficulty.

Something else you should look for is the suspension system. Some strollers have rear-wheel suspension, but the best models feature all-wheel suspension. This allows for a more stable, yet smoother, ride over any type of terrain.


Having enough storage for all the gear you need on your outing is every parent’s dream-come-true. Any respectable stroller should feature a storage basket underneath the seat.

There should also be pockets or pouches on the rear of the stroller. Plus, there should be a couple of inner pockets within the stroller itself. You can put snacks and toys for your kids to enjoy their outing.

 Best All Terrain Double Stroller: Final Thoughts

Finding the best all-terrain double stroller is easy when you know what to look for. We hope our buyer’s guide can help you find what works best for you and your family.

All the three strollers we reviewed are a perfect choice for active families. Each one is equipped with its own assortment of versatile and practical features.

These features make maneuvering effortless. They’re also designed to keep your children safe, protected, and comfortable.

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