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The origin of sports is a major factor for the people. It is the best way to stay active forever. Sports are having a major place for every nation and almost each nation has its own part. Around the globe, there are many viewers for sport events who will always look for some interesting fest. Some of the worlds popular sport events are cricket, football and hockey. These kind of sporting events are considered to be more popular. These are the major sport events in most of the countries and they give much importance to these things. There are millions of fans for the above listed sport festivals. For every season the sport concept may get differ in various aspects. The revenue in these sport events are a major income for the nation’s economy. So each country will conduct a sport event in every year for making economical benefit.

Football – full time entertainment:

There are millions of fans who are considering football as their major part of entertainment. In considering the football game, the first remembrance will be FIFA world cup. The world cup had a great start from the 18th century and also there is a huge competition in the year 1950 World Cup which was held in Brazil. Many European countries are actively participating in the ground with lot of sport spirits. Some of the countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Italy, France and Australia are the leading players in FIFA cup. There also several conflict has been raised between various countries regarding the influence of football is only meant for European countries. For every four years football is being played in a large number.


Choice of viewers:

These sport activities are quiet enjoyable for people. Football has many viewers who are eagerly waiting for an interesting tournament. Most probably the viewers where more eager to watch world cup football matches as they stick to it with a challenging pride. In all over the world football is the most expensive and valuable sport event with lot of prides.

Nature of football team:

There will be two teams in the battle, who were facing head to head in the league. Each team will consist of eleven members each and along with a goal keeper. There will be a referee for instant guidance to check the violations of rules and regulations in the game.

About cricket:

Cricket is one of the popular games in the world and it is being invented by British. There are about 20 countries which are actively participating in the contest. Some of the major ones are India, England, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Pakistan. There will be world cup for every five years once. In cricket test matches holds the traditional and superior position in the viewer’s choice. There are twenty twenty over world cup series organised for every year and it acts as a platform for showing their talent. There are several test and one day international matches which are conducted with real fun.